CallReminder: The Mobile Memory Aid

How many times a week do you end a phone call, then instantly remember something else you wanted or needed to talk about with that person?

Let’s face it – we’re all super busy, and most moms can no longer remember everything (or perhaps anything?!) without some type of memory aid. Sound familiar?: "Next time I talk to (X (my husband, the babysitter, the pediatrician, my mother, the football/dance/soccer coach, my eldest son’s teacher, our realtor, the dentist, my boss, etc.)), I should not forget to mention…”?

Don't you wish there was an easy and convenient way to access that information when you need it - at the right moment... when you actually speak over the phone with that person? Well – get rid of that doggy eared notebook that’s lying somewhere in the bottom of your handbag (that you forget to look at anyway)… you don’t need it!

I recently came across CallReminder, a new and convenient Android app that allows you to assign a reminder note to a contact and display the note on your screen the next time you talk to that person. 

When they call, your note pops up!
It’s so easy. Whenever something crosses your mind that you need to share with a particular person next time you speak - just create a Reminder Note and attach it to one or more contacts from your phone. Next time you talk to him/her from your cell, you’ll see that Reminder Note pop up on the screen. Viola!

Check out this video to see how the app works!

It only costs about $2.00, and can be purchased from several app markets. You can find out more info and purchase it here.

If you try it and love it, I would love to hear your thoughts!

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