ICS: Chance to win $50 daily, $2 every 4 hours, & plenty of cents a few times a day!

InstantCashSweepstakes.com, or ICS, has got to be one of the easiest (and funnest) ways to make money. There are several ways to earn money on this site. But the main way is by taking short quizzes/polls. Every 3 hours, the polls reset and you can do more of them. Depending on your TrustScore level, you can take anywhere from 5-12 polls. For each poll you complete, you are awarded coins, tickets, and CASH. Coins and tickets are given for every poll you complete. The cash award is pretty random, but you are almost guaranteed to win a few cents per poll session. Since you can play multiple times per day, these cents add up. Cash is paid via PayPal.

Coins are used to enter the $2 cash giveaway that is held every 4 hours. Of course, the more coins you enter, the better chance you have to win. But coins add up VERY fast, so don't be afraid to enter them. You can also convert your coins into extra tickets. Tickets are used to be entered into the daily $50 giveaway. These are automatically entered, and depleted after each giveaway. These also add up quickly. The more polls you take per day, the better chance you have at winning, since you will have more tickets at the time the giveaway winner is drawn.

Sample survey
Another great, easy way to earn is by referrals. Every time your referral wins a cash prize, either by answering daily polls or winning the $2 giveaway, you are matched that award 100%. You can see all of your referrals on the friend page, and can see how much they (and you) have earned. When your referrals win tickets, you are also matched with their amount as well. You can also earn tickets by submitting surveys to be used on the site. You can submit a survey every 3 hours, and each time you do, you will receive 100 tickets instantly.

The TrustScore system is a system that awards honest survey takers. The system tracks your answers, and if you are asked the same question and give the same answer, you are given a multiplier that affects tickets, coins, and cash earned. As you move up in levels, you can also take more surveys during each session, and you also earn extra tickets and coins, as well as more frequent multiplier bonuses.

I can vouch for this site. I have been paid my earnings several times, and quickly. Sometimes in a matter of minutes, I get my "You've Got Money!" PayPal notification. It really is easy. I have the site bookmarked, and whenever I'm on the computer and run out of stuff to do, I just go to the site to see if my next session is available. It's easy to tell. There will be a big countdown timer on the main screen if I still have time to go. You can even get email notification when your next session is available. So if you're like me, and love sites like this, I definitely think you should check it out here!

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