Say goodbye to stale chips and cereal! The GRIPSTIC is a new way to keep your food fresher, longer. You don't have to use those big bulky bag clips anymore. The GRIPSTIC is a one-piece, slim, and lightweight clip.

It can be used on just about any bag to lock out air and moisture. It's not just for food bags either. Use on a potting soil bag to keep it moist, or seal up your pet's food...I know my cat won't eat his food if it gets stale!

It's SIMPLE to use!
You can buy the GRIPSTIC online and at many major retailers, such as Publix, Kroger, and Bed Bath & Beyond. The 3-pack retails for just $3.99. There are other packs available, from the 2-pack coffee clips, to the 14-pack that comes with every size you could need. It comes in bright, fun colors.

My Opinion

I was surprised at how easy the GRIPSTIC was to use! I would say it took a whole 5 seconds to put it on the bag. All you have to do is slide it between the fold in the bag. It did make a true seal on it. I was able to push out all the air in the chip bag before I put it on, and just to be sure it was tight, I squeezed the bag and could tell no air was escaping.

I like how light it is. I usually use bag clips, but they are big and a little heavy. When I would put the bag away, it would just topple over from the weight of the clip. But with the GRIPSTIC, it stayed put.

I can say that the GRIPSTIC does work, and works well. I would definitely recommend this product. It simple to use, and a cost effective way to keep food fresher, longer.

I received a GRIPSTIC in order to form an opinion for this review. No other compensation was received. All statements and opinions are my own, and were not affected by any compensation I have received.

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Anonymous said...

The gripstic is awsome it does seal all your chip bags I use it in the freezer a lot no more freezer burn

You got to get them, so easy to use
My wife likes them for the pantry and she put it on our bird seed.
Gripstic is a great little tool