Keep Your Dog Healthy with Homemade Dog Food! (it's easy!)

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A few weeks ago I had posted a dog food coupon. Little did I know, that brand of dog food had recently gone under fire for causing serious health risks to our furry friends. After a few readers brought this to my attention, I took the post down and did some researched. I was shocked at what I had found out! Sure enough, this dog food (treats, in particular) were causing vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy and in the worst cases, kidney failure and death! After further research, it was discovered that the treats causing these problems were specifically made in China. I don't want to say this was an isolated incident, because there are plenty of other "outbreaks" that have occurred over the years with dog food and treats becoming contaminated.

The bottom line is, if you want to ensure your dog's well-being and healthy life, you should consider switching your dog to a Homemade dog food diet. You may be thinking this would be time-consuming or expensive, but in reality, all ingredients can be found at your local grocery store and more than likely, you can save extra by using coupons on some of the ingredients!

I stumbled upon this site that is full of great information about why homemade diets are best, what dogs should and should not eat, Easy cooked dog food recipes and much more. You'll find recipes complete with detailed directions and photos for beginners and advanced "chefs" alike. The comment threads are quite active and the website's creator is more than willing to answer any questions left in the comments.

What are your thoughts? Do you feed your pets homemade food? If I had a dog of my own, I would definitely try this out!

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Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing! I briefly checked out the website and will continue to read it. We just got a pup and want to do wholefoods for him and I think this will be a great resource:) TY!

Casey B said...

Thanks for sharing these recipes! I live in India and feed the street dogs here. Unfortunately, most of them won't eat dry dog food, so I usually cook up some rice and chicken for them.

Kristen said...

@Casey B, so glad you found the article helpful and it's great to hear that you're trying to help out the lost pups over there!