Doing Some Online Shopping? Don't Forget Your Coupons!

If you're reading this post right now, then surely you know all about coupons and use them regularly. Some people won't leave the house without their makeup on...I won't leave the house without my coupons! One of the worst feelings is when you make an impromptu stop at a store without your coupons and see something on sale that you know you have a coupon for. I seriously won't buy that item if I know I can save on it, even if it's only half a dollar.

I feel the same way about online shopping. I never do it unless I can save extra money. I can't tell you how many daily emails I get from my favorite stores that are packed with sales and deals. What they leave out of the email quite often though, is that fact that you can make that good deal a great deal! All you have to do is hunt down some online coupon codes. Once you factor in shipping costs for example, those extra savings can really help out!

One online store I get daily emails from is Zulily, a daily deal type of site focused on children's items. Without a code, you can easily save up to 80% on certain items, but why not bring your savings up to 85% or 90%? All you have to do is enter Coupon for Zulily in any search browser to find % off codes, and every once in a while, a free shipping code. 5 seconds for additional savings? Yes, please!

Another site that I do a lot of shopping from is Kohls. As I'm sure most of us know, they are a physical store as well, but I've found that I can regularly save a lot more money shopping online than in-store. At any given time, there are usually several deals and discounts for Kohls that you can take advantage of. This is because they allow you to stack promo codes when you order. We all know how fast savings can add up when we can use two coupons instead of one!

Hands down, my favorite place to do online shopping is Amazon. You can literally buy anything your heart desires at a discount. I'm am a little embarrassed to admit though, that I had no clue promo codes for Amazon existed! Sometimes Amazon puts out their own codes, other times Amazon stores will have their own. A quick Google search will find any available codes for you to use.

Have you ever ordered anything online and a few hours later, see a promo code posted for the store you just ordered from? Hurts, doesn't it?! You've conditioned yourself to grab your coupons before you walk out the door...try to do the same before you do online shopping as well. It's silly not to!

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