FREE Handmade Items, Clothes + More w/ $10 Copious Credit!

Sign up to Copious, a new site that reminds me of an online garage sale, and get a $10 credit. You can use that credit to get FREE stuff!

I haven't browsed around much, but I found this interesting peacock ring pictured above priced at $4. It looks like you can use your credit to cover the price and shipping, but not the "Copious fees", which was $0.54 for this item.

NOTE: A lot of items include free shipping, and some also don't have a Copious fee.

I only checked out a few pages of products so far, but there are quite a few items under $10 which you could score for a few cents!

NOTE: After checking out the site some more, I found that if you click the "View More" tab at the bottom of the homepage, you can then sort by lowest price. I found clothes for adults and babies, shoes, home decor, handbags and tons more....all FREE with credit!

Click here to create your account and start browsing!

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