4 Chances to Win Prize Packages Worth up to $3,500, Plus Get $75 in Coupons for Entering!

ClipNGo Coupons has four great sweepstakes running right now that you can enter. Just by entering, you'll also get $75 in coupons! You get your sweepstakes entry by completing a survey.

NOTE: The surveys are a few pages long, but you'll notice only some of the questions are required to be answered. Any question that does NOT have a red * can be skipped! If you want to be entered into the sweepstakes, you need to fully complete the survey. The quickest, easiest way to complete the surveys are to answer NO to just about everything.

Enter one or all! 

Nursery Makeover: Win $3,500 to go towards a nursery makeover!

Pay Your Bills Sweepstakes: Win $1,500 cash to pay a bill or two!

Thanksgiving Sweepstakes: Win $1,500 to go towards a Thanksgiving dinner feast!

Ultimate Football Party Sweepstakes: Win $1,500 to throw the great party ever!

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