FREE Samples Of TWO Baush & Lomb Contact Lenses!

SofLens Certificate Is GONE!!

Baush & Lomb is giving away free trials of two of their best contact lenses! Just fill out the form and then print out your certificate. Bring it with you to your next eye exam to get your free sample!

PureVision2 HD:
  • PureVision2 HD contact lenses feature High Definition™ Optics, designed to help reduce spherical aberration – which can be a barrier to high-quality vision in low light and result in blurred vision, halos and glare.
  • 77% of wearers agree PureVision2 HD reduces halos and glare even in low light.
  • One of the thinnest lens designs on the market today for a remarkably natural feel throughout the day.
  • 2 out of 3 wearers say PureVision2 HD makes them less aware of their lenses.
  • 79% of wearers agree PureVision2 HD keeps their eyes clear and bright. 

SofLens Daily Disposables w/ High Definition Optics:
  • Provide rich contrast and vivid color
  • Offer crisp, clear vision from bright-light to low-light
  • Reduce the appearance of halos and glare in low-light conditions
  • Provide a fresh new pair of lenses every day
  • Take the worry out of cleaning and storing your lenses
  • Provide one of the healthiest contact lens wearing experiences
  • Rest naturally on the eye
  • Help keep lenses moisturized all day long
Click here for PureVision2 HD certificate!

Click here for SofLens daily disposables certificate!

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