Five Dollar Friday: Weekly Facebook Fan Appreciation Giveaway!

It's hard to believe I created my blog's Facebook fan page just a few months ago, and I'm about to hit 6,000 fans! I get new fans everyday, but I know quite a few of you have been with me since the beginning. So to thank all my fans, old and new, I've decided to create Five Dollar Friday, a weekly giveaway open only to my fans!

You can expect each week's prize to be $5.00 in Amazon credit or PayPal cash, winner's choice! But there might be other prizes some weeks! I know it's not much, but it's a little something to give back to you all, and a little incentive for you to stick around ;)

The giveaway will run every Friday, starting at 12:01am Friday, until 12:01am Saturday. That gives you a full 24 hours to enter! This weeks giveaway will be a little shorter since I'm just now starting it, but next week will be on schedule! GOOD LUCK!

Several people have let me know that Rafflecopter seems to be acting up, and giving 2 entries instead of one. I just want you to know I am aware of this and will delete duplicate entries as they come up. If one gets past me, I won't hold it against anyone!


Metallman said...

Hey there Kristen,

It said I entered twice!!! How did that happen? lol Can you delete one of the entries?

Kristen said... problem!