Tote, Market, And Lunch Bags Up To 50% Off +10% Off Code! (3 Bags For $9.99)

Brint It specializes in reusable bags, which is an easy way to "be green". I see people bringing in their own bags for grocery shopping all the time now...and some places like Target, Kroger, and Giant will actually take a few cents off your total for each bag of your own that you use. It's not much, but think of it as an added bonus to being eco-conscious! You can get 3 market bags today for just $9.99, as well as large tote bags and lunch kits for the kids!

Plus, if your order is over $30, use the code COUPCAB855 at check out and you'll save 10%.

This sale is on Zulily today. If it's your first time shopping there, you'll have to join but it's free! Click here to check it out.

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