Price Cut on Nintendo DS LITE!

I'm sure there are still kids out there that don't have a Nintendo DS yet, right? I mean, my daughter just got her first one the Christmas. But I'm kinda kicking myself that I didn't wait just a few more months, because I could've save myself A LOT of money!

Nintendo DS Lite Crimson / BlackI bought her DS for $169.99. I just found out that Amazon has slashed the price on two of their DS's, the Nintendo DS Lite Metallic Rose and the Nintendo DS Lite Crimson / Black to just $99.99 NEW! If you don't mind buying used items, you can get the Cobalt / Black DS for just $65.

They have some great games at really good prices now too. Here are just a few:

Super Mario 64 DSCrayola Treasure Adventures: $5.99 New
Scribblenauts: $11.75 New
Super Mario 64 DS: $21.89 New
And my daughter's absolute favorite, Animal Genius: $11.50 New

If you're child feel outs of the loop, get him or him IN now for cheap! If your child already has a DS, I'm sure they would love some new games. My daughter hasn't complained of boredom once this summer yet, because she has her handy DS!

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