The Nanny Godmother: Advice, Q&A, Tips, And More On All Things Parenting

The Nanny Godmother is a blog-based community where you will find all sorts of information on parenting, from potty training to dealing with divorce, and everything in between. The blog has a very nice layout, very user friendly, and makes it easy to find what you're looking for using the sidebar "Topic" buttons and tags.

The community is led by Nanny Lili, an English nanny with over 15 years of full-time experience caring for newborns to early adolescents. Here are just some of the topics that have been discussed:
  • behaviour and discipline
  • bedtime/sleeping issues
  • schedules and routines
  • potty training
  • play and activities
Nanny Lili does a good job of creating topics, but most of the discussions are inspired by readers themselves, making use of a handy contact form to send any and all questions her way. Here is a great example of how she handles a reader's question regarding her very defiant tween daughter. No question is too silly, so ask away!

If you have a quick question, or want to interact with other readers, you can do so on The Nanny Godmother's Facebook fanpage. This is a great way to talk to other parents just like you and to hear what they think about your issue.

Did you get advice from your pediatrician that just doesn't sit well with you? Has every single baby book told you something different? Why not ask Nanny Lili her thoughts on the issue. Nannies are known for their caring, empathetic personalities. So if that is the type of advice you're looking for, you're sure to find it at The Nanny Godmother!

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