Give Back Words Their Rightful Meanings!

Have you noticed how over the years, ordinary words have had their meaning change? For example, when you hear the word "winning", what do you think of? Do you think of coming in first at something, or Charlie Sheen? Or when you hear "tweet", does it remind you of the sound a little bird makes, or a 140 character blurb? See what I mean?!

Some words have COMPLETELY lost their original meaning. At one time, the definition for artificial was, "a person full or artistic or technical skill". How has that word lost its meaning? Who decides that? Pop culture, time, and voiceless people all play a part in it.

At, you can voice your opinion on whether you like the "new" definition of words. Like the word pig. Now, when I hear that word, I think of the animal. But some people immediately think police officer. If you don't want to see that word lose its definition over time, VOTE! Or, if you happen to like calling police officers pigs, you can vote that way too.

Is it viral, or viral?!
Do you know of any words that are slowly losing their rightful definition? If so, make sure you submit it to the site and see if people agree with you! You can also "like" their Facebook fanpage to stay up to date with newly added words and share your thoughts. is a fun site, and if you think about it, it's not all fun and games. Words really ARE losing their meanings. Here's your chance to help ensure words don't go from being meaningful to downright silly!

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