Get Paid To Visit Websites and View Short Ads will pay you cash just for a few seconds of your time! You may be thinking, "Oh great, another spam site." but it really isn't!

You just log into the site everyday and check to see if you have any offers. It is very easy to see if there are any new offers. It will let you know right on the main page. There are no "Sign up now and cancel later" offers. No newsletters to sign up for, no surveys to take. Most of the offers consist of clicking on a link to take you to a site (that is targeted to your profile). As soon as the site loads you will hear a "ding" to let you know that you were just credited for visiting the site.

Most of these offers pay 5 cents each. Each offer literally takes a second or two to get your money. Every once in a while you will get short video ads which pay more money to watch.

When you sign up, you have to fill out a profile. There are tons of questions, but you don't have to fill them all out if you don't want to. This profile is used to make sure you only get sites/ads that are relevant to your interests.

YouData pay every week and automatically deposits your earnings into your PayPal account. I can personally vouch for this site and say that it is legit. Just take a look at the screenshots below. Click on them for larger images.

My PayPal deposit from YouData

Homepage easily shows available offers & balance

I have to be honest and say that you won't make tons of money using YouData. But for a few seconds a day, what do you have to lose?!

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