Ozark Mountain Academy: Affordable Online Private Schooling

Would you like to homeschool your child, but afraid you won't be able to do it effectively? Can't afford the outrageous tuition to have an instructor come to your house? Maybe you would love private schooling, but are afraid there's no way you can afford it. Whatever your reason, Ozark Mountain Academy might be the answer to your homeschooling or private school hesitation.

Ozark Mountain Academy is an online, virtual school serving grades 3-12. Each student is provided with a personalized education plan, so you can be sure your child gets lessons that are perfect for his or her level. Students can make use of a virtual classroom, where a certified teacher will assist with instruction, mentoring, grading, and more.

Courses consist of what you can find in any public or private school, including electives such as Spanish and art appreciation. High school courses have an extensive course listing which includes algebra, science labs, includes algebra, science labs, ACT/SAT prep...even physical education.

Compared to many private and online schools, Ozark Mountain Academy is quite affordable. At many private schools, the cost of books can be almost as much as the tuition itself. But since all courses are digital, there's no need to buy any books at all. Tuition can be paid in two ways: by the semester or academic year. A year of schooling is just $1,200. You can even get individual courses if your child needs some extra help with a certain subject. Payment plans are available as well.

Enrollment is open year round, however, classes begin August 15th for the 2011-2012 school year. Visit their website for lots more information.

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