Gerber Grow-Up Plan: Get Life Insurance For Your Child For As Low As $2.60 a Month (Review Included)

Give your child a powerful head start with the GerberLife Grow-Up Plan. The Grow-Up Plan is a whole life insurance policy specifically for children that protects them while it grows a nest egg for the future.

Parents AND grandparents can get the plan for any child between the ages of 14 weeks to 14 years old. The plans start at $5,000 and go as high as $50,000. Whatever the premium is at the time the child is approved, that rate is locked in and will never increase.

There are several great benefits that go with the plans. The first being that the coverage doubles when your child turns 18, with NO increase in the premium rate. Also, all children have the opportunity to keep the policy when they reach adulthood. The child can purchase up too 100 times the original coverage amount. This is a guaranteed right, regardless of health, occupation, and anything else. Even if they cannot get insurance from other companies, there's no need to worry if they keep the Gerber policy.

The Grow-Up Plan also builds cash value. By getting them the plan now, you can ensure your children have a head start on their future, giving them extra money to start college or buy their first car, for example. After 25 years, the cash value will be at least equal to or more than 100% of the premiums paid.

Premiums are very affordable. For children under 1 year old, premiums start at just $2.60 a month for girls and 3.13 a month for boys! That's for $5,000 coverage. For the maximum amount of $50,000, the premium is still a great rate of $25.03 and $30.07.

My Opinion

I purchase the Grow-Up Plan for my daughter when she was a few months old, 9 years ago. I got her the $10,000 plan and I only had to pay $12 every two months. Unfortunately, a few years ago I experienced financial hardship. I was in desperate need of cash, so I made the tough decision to cash out her policy. It was a simple process. I just called the company and said I needed to cash out the policy, and they let me, no questions asked. Well, the only question was if I would rather take a loan out on the money instead. At the time, I didn't know when I would be able to pay it back, so I declined that. I was able to request the money and they cancelled my account and that was that. A few weeks later, I got a check in the mail for a decent amount of money.

Now, a few years later, I am in a much better financial situation, with another child. I received a mailing from GerberLife and decided to get both my children policies. I went to the site and filled out a SIMPLE form to apply. There are just a few yes/no questions to answer, and most children will be approved. You can easily see how much your monthly premium will be in real-time as you add children and coverage amounts. I got amazing rates. I went with the $5,000 policy for the time being, and my son's premium is only $3.13 and my daughter's is $3.68. So in total for two policies, I'm only paying $6.69! Isn't that an awesome rate?! In the future, I will definitely increase the coverage amount. That can easily be done by signing into the Gerber site and update it online. You can pay your premium online, or so you never forget, it can be taken out of your checking account or credit card on time every month.

Life insurance is such an important thing to have. I like having peace of mind that if, heaven forbid, anything should happen, I will be be able to do what has to be done. But it's more important to me knowing that my children won't have to worry about getting their own policies as they'll already have one. It's good to know that if I should ever run into financial difficulties again, I can have a little something to fall back on. And so will my children

To learn more about the Grow-Up Plan, apply for the plan, or just to see how much your premiums could be, click the banner below! Also, just for applying you'll get a FREE Child Safety ID Kit!


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Hello...visiting from the Alexa Hop. Am now a new follower. I have a Gerber Plan I took out for my daughter the year she was born. I have been very pleased with their service as well. Have a great weekend!