Make your Alexa Lower Mondays!

If you're a blogger and aren't really sure what Alexa rating is about, take note, especially if you plan on being PR friendly and/or selling ad space!

In a nut shell, Alexa ratings are based on how many people, with the Alexa Toolbar installed, visit your blog and how many pages they look at. If you want more details, you can visit this page at Alexa. If you're wanting PR and advertising sponsors on your blog, they are most likely going to want to know what your Alexa rating is, and the lower the better. This is where our blog hop comes in to help!

Visit Crunchy Frugalista for more info!

Just an FYI, every morning my Alexa rating has gotten lower. Before I did Alexa hops (I've only done 2), my rating was 600,000+. Less than a week later, it's currently 470,082, so it does work! And I have to be honest, when I first installed the toolbar, I disabled it because I didn't like how it looked on my toolbar. But once I realized how important it was, I put it back on. I then found that if you select the "Show Status Bar" option, it moves to the bottom of your page, out of your way! Keep this in mind if you don't like it up top.


Becky said...

Thanks for stopping by and following Life or Something Like It. It took me a minute because my daughter is Kristen also and I thought your comment was from her at first. :)
Following you back with the Alexa toolbar on.

The Couponista said...

Dropping by from the Alexa hop!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for following. I'm following you back...with my Alexa on.

Steph said...

i don't even know how to read it! the toolbar is so hard to see on my computer... will try to do what you said and move to bottom -- maybe can read/see it better! thanks!

Susie Buetow said...

Hiya lady!
Thanks for stopping in and vising me during my Alexa blog hop. I appreciate it! I'm already following your blog BUT I always promise to visit those who left me a comment! SO THANK YOU!
I'm off to look around at your lovely blog! xoxo Susie