Alexa Blog Hop: Lower Your Rating!

I am LOVING the Alexa hop! In under two weeks, my Alexa rating has gone from 530,701 to 361,560! There's just one rule for this have to visit each blog with your Alexa toolbar ON! Check out Spearmint Baby for more info.

If you are visiting me from the Alexa hop, please leave a comment here and I will visit back. Also, if you decide to follow me in any way, please let me know and I will return the favor! Happy hopping!


Amanda said...

Thanks for the follow :) I followed back ^_^ Have a good one!

Steph said...

it's pretty cool, isn't it! good for you for lowering your ratings! i'm still working on mine. been so busy with life and the time to hop around as i'd like! have a great day!