Graco LiteRider Stroller Review

Graco is one of the most well known brands in baby products. And for good reason. They make just about anything a parent could want or need for their little one. A stroller is one of those necessities. Every parent should invest in a high quality stroller to make their lives a little easier, and the Graco LiteRider is just that.

The LiteRider is a lightweight and mobile stroller, making it perfect for on the go families. The stroller folds with just one hand and weighs less than 20 pounds, allowing even the smallest mom to be able to use and transport. There is a parent's tray on the handles that has two cupholders and a place to hold your keys, camera, etc. This stroller can accommodate ANY Graco car seat for car to stroller convenience.

The seat is padded, with 2 reclining options. If baby wants to relax, you can recline it to its laying position. Or if baby wants to see the world, you can put it up to the sitting position. It has a 5-point harness system for extra safety, so you can be sure they won't slip down or slump over during their ride. The seat cushion is machine washable if it ever gets dirty.

It has an extra-large, drop down storage basket underneath that can easily be put into place with your foot. There is plenty of room to put in and take out things without disturbing your reclining baby. Both the front and back wheels are lockable for extra caution. It also has great suspension for a smooth ride. The front wheels are on swivels so turning the stroller is a breeze.

There is a removable seat tray for baby, complete with a cupholder and spots to place toys. It also has an adjustable canopy for those sunny days. The LiteRider comes in a variety of color schemes and prints, and have matching car seats to give it a complete look. The stroller can be used for children up to 40lbs, so you have years of comfortable strolling.

The LiteRider is a durable, affordable stroller. You can purchase it at Babies R Us at retail for $79.99. Or you can get it at Amazon for as low as $50.00. While you're there, you can read many great reviews on the stroller.

My Opinion

I gotta say, I LOVE this stroller! I've had my share of strollers, and I can honestly say that this is the best one I've ever owned. It is by far the easier set up/put away stroller I've used. It has a simple one-handed mechanism to put it down. You just push a button with your thumb, and at the same time, twist the handle. And "plop", down it goes. To set it up, you just push in a tab to release the stroller, and pull it up. I've done this quite a few times while holding my son, no problem. 

It truly is a smooth ride. It turns and swivels very easily, and can go up curbs with a simple lift. I love the harness system. It keeps my son in place very well. It is pretty light. Not as light as an umbrella stroller of course, but I have no problem taking it in and out of my car's trunk, where I store it. It doesn't take up much room in my small Ford Focus's trunk. I still have plenty of room for groceries!

If my son falls asleep in his car seat, it is very easy to put it on and off the stroller without waking him up. I love the cup holders. There is also a larger spot where I place my purse so I don't have to lug it around. The storage basket is huge! I can put his whole diaper bag in it.

My final thought is, I would HIGHLY recommend this stroller. I honestly have NO complaints, and neither does my son :)

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