Crowdtap: Get $1.00 Just For Signing Up & Earn Money For You AND A Charity Of Your Choice!

Crowdtap is a revolutionary social marketing and research platform that enables you to be rewarded for ideating and promoting with leading brands, entertainment properties, non-profits and startups. Earn cash rewards for yourself and charity for taking surveys, sampling new products and promoting your favorite brands.

You get points for everything you do...logging in, answering polls, commenting in discussions, and lots more ways. As you earn more points, your "level" goes up, which opens up different actions you can do within the site. These include opportunities to throw hosted parties and receive product samples. You can also earn badges. These are special awards that are given to you when you complete certain actions such as inviting 10 friends. Badges make you more appealing to brands when choosing people for their offers. Plus, some badges offer point or cash bonuses when you earn them.You earn cash by participating in in daily discussions and providing meaningful responses in discussions. Once you reach $10, you can redeem that for an Amazon gift code. But the really cool thing is is that whenever you cash out, Crowdtap takes 5% of that and donates it to the charity of your choice! Several charities to choose from are the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Autism Speaks, and the ASPCA.

The main point of Crowdtap is for brands/companies to gain insight into their customers' opinions and feedback. You get to inform their decisions, share your ideas, and help them spread word about their company. In return, you can score free samples and products from them. Some of the companies that work with Crowdtap are Old Navy, Pepperidge Farm, and MSN. Recently, lots of members got to sample a pair of ankle jeans from Old Navy.

You have nothing to lose by signing up with Crowdtap. In fact, you get $1.00 immediately just for joining!

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