How to Save Money as a PC Gamer

Are you looking to become the ultimate PC gamer, but don’t have the funds to facilitate your online dominance? Think again! It may seem farfetched to become a gamer on a budget, but if you’re in the market for a gaming PC, and other helpful tips on budget gaming, look no further.

You’re probably familiar with PC prices that can easily reach into the thousands of dollars. Everyone wants to have the latest and greatest gaming PC with all of the bells and whistles. You may even want a cool LED display so your tower illuminates green, blue, red, or any other color your heart desires.

But when it all boils down, what is it that really matters in terms of your new gaming PC? That your PC can handle the games you enjoy without giving you the blue screen of death. Here are some helpful tips to aid you in your search for your budget gaming PC.

Retail Shopping

Shopping in retail stores, specifically national chains, is the last thing a PC gamer on a budget should do. Knowing that the traditional PC gamer shops online or builds their own gaming PC, most national stores won’t carry these high-end gaming systems.

The most expensive computers you can typically find at retail stores aren’t suited for gaming. These pricey PCs more often than not feature an integrated graphics chip, or a basic graphics card. A gaming PC requires an advanced graphics card with its own memory allotment in order to give you the game-play you desire. Lagging isn’t an option for any PC gamer, and buying a computer that lacks an advanced graphics card will only cause you frustration as you are unable to play your favorite PC games.

Store-bought gaming PCs limit your ability to buy what you need for the ultimate gaming experience. You end up with components that you don’t necessarily want or need, and have a limited selection when choosing to upgrade elements of your store-bought gaming PC. In the end, shopping for a gaming PC at a retail store is not in your best interest.

Online Shopping

Shopping around online can definitely give you an edge in saving money. One thing that most consumers fail to take into account is the retail overhead and employee costs that factor into the prices you see at retail stores. Online retailers automatically save you money when compared to retail stores, as their overhead is generally much smaller than a storefront. Shopping online provides you the ability to shop for the specific components you desire, at a discounted rate.

When you build your own gaming PC, you get exactly what you want, and more importantly, what you can afford. The downside to this is the need to exchange components in your gaming PC as technology evolves. Granted, this is a fairly simple task, however, it can be costly over time. You wouldn’t play WOW or Minecraft on a Pentium 3 – you’d upgrade accordingly to play your game at the highest resolution possible.

Inexpensive Gaming PC Options

If you aren’t keen on building your own gaming PC, you’re still in luck. Some companies have been pursuing the gaming PC industry with a cost-conscious approach, and have provided us with alternatives to the $3,000 gaming PC. At only a fraction of the price, these companies are producing high-powered gaming PCs that come with all of the specs that provide a flawless gaming experience. These computers are an ideal alternative to a $3,000 computer for the PC gamer on a budget. It then becomes a matter of company preference when seeking your new gaming PC.

What about Games?

Now that you’re ready to build or purchase the right gaming PC for you, all you need are the hottest games that your friends are telling you all about. But if you’re looking to game on a budget, you probably don’t have hundreds of dollars to drop on the games for your new PC. So, what can you do?

One of the greatest additions to the world of PC gaming has been GameFly. Yes, the company that advertises video game rentals much like Netflix rents movies. You’re probably familiar with their ads where a gamer tries to trade in a game, only to be offered pennies on the dollar. The gamer’s response - violently tearing the store to pieces.

While GameFly is best known for their console game rentals, they offer incredible deals for PC gamers on a budget. For a relatively low monthly fee, you receive Unlimited PC Play. Through this option, the PC gamer can log-in with their personal account information, download the game they wish to play, and have unlimited access to that game as long as they remain a GameFly member. But the greatest thing about the Unlimited PC Play is that you can download however many games you want. As long as you keep an active membership, you can play any PC game offered by GameFly.
However, if you’re already an avid gamer and know exactly what you like to play, GameFly also has the option to buy downloads directly from their web site, with downloads starting at $0.99.

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