Yay! I Just Scored a Random Product Test from a Survey Site!

So, I'm checking my email like I always do and see I have a new survey invitation from Ipsos. A few minutes into it, it started asking if I was pregnant, had allergies, etc...I knew this survey was going to turn into a product test invite; and I was right!

I still got 45 points for taking the survey, but I'll also be getting a mystery brand of body wash to test at home in a few weeks! Above is a screenshot of my request to participate in the test. (click on it to enlarge) This isn't the first product test I've received from this site. They always randomly come via email and start off as a regular survey.

If you haven't registered with Ipsos, I encourage you to do so. I get at least 1-2 survey invites a day from them and you get points whether you qualify to take it or not, so none of your time is wasted. If you're already signed up, keep an eye on your inbox!

Click here for more info or to sign up!

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