Survey Sites Paid for Our Florida Vacation!

I have signed up for so many survey sites over the years. I have to admit, there are quite a few spammy ones, but then there are the ones that actually pay. A few years ago, me, my daughter, my best friend and her sister went on vacation to Florida. My survey earnings paid for almost the entire cost of me and my daughter's trip to Disneyworld, SeaWorld and Universal Studios, including travel, food, hotels and admission!

To do that, I had to completely cash out all my PayPal and check earnings from about 8-10 sites. If I had to say a length of time I had been saving up before I cashed out, it was probably around a year and a half to two years. Now, that may sound like a long time or a waste of time, but it is SO worth the few minutes I spend taking surveys a day.

If you sign up for the right survey sites, you will see that your time will be well spent and totally worth it. I suggest creating an email account specifically for surveys so A) you don't miss any opportunities and B) you can log into that email whenever you have some free time to complete that day's surveys.

Here are a few of my favorite sites that I use and recommend:

NOTE: Most of these survey sites require email confirmation in order to be eligible to start earning. So make sure you confirm your email right after you sign up and before you start taking surveys!

Ipsos I-say (ages 18-30): They offer PayPal, gift cards and charity donations as rewards. They also offer several automatic chances to win cash and prizes. For example, every time you click on a survey link, you'll automatically be entered to win $5,000 every month!

MySurvey: Earn PayPal cash, gift cards and more with this one. Every time you log into the site you're entered to win $4,000 and they award 10 members 10,000 points ($100) every month, just to name a few of their incentives.

MyHotSpex: Exchange your HotSpex Bux for PayPal cash, merchandise (like cameras), gift cards, giveaway entries and more.

OpinionPlace: Earn PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards, sweepstakes entries and AAdvantage Miles. I really like this one. I rarely get DQ'ed with these surveys and you can choose your prize before you take the survey. They offer product tests as well.

Here is a screenshot of what I was shown directly after taking my OpinionPlace survey right before I wrote this post (click to enlarge). It's a PayPal confirmation and I will get it in a few weeks. You get paid for every survey you saving up and cashing out with this site!

Valued Opinions: They offer many different ways to earn, including online focus groups and telephone surveys. Their online surveys seem to pay more than most sites. You can earn Visa codes, Amazon and Macys gift cards and much more.

There are many more survey sites out there, but these are the ones that I personally use and can vouch for their ability to pay what you earn! Stick with these sites in particular and you should have no problem funding your holiday shopping or a vacation like I did!

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