Throw a "No-Gift" Birthday Party & Help Save Towards Your Child's Education Fund!

No doubt you're thinking, "What is a "no gift" party?!" Well, it pretty much is what it sounds like. This form of birthday party is fast becoming a new trend (you can Google it to see what I mean). While some parents ask for NO gifts at all, others ask for a gift of a different sort, in the form of a donation, usually toward a charitable organization.

A great idea would be for party attendees to donate to your child's education fund, and GradSave makes that super easy to do! In fact, they will give you $100 to help your party come to light!

Not familiar with GradSave? In a nutshell, they simplify the process of saving for college as much as possible by allowing you and your entire family and circle of friends to easily contribute to the savings fund online.

Here's how you can get an extra $100 for your party (or fund!):
  1. Join GradSave, then plan your party. Open your GradSave college savings registry and start saving.
  2. Include your child's profile link in your party invitations.
  3. Receive gifts. Contribute yourself and invite family and friends to also contribute to your College Savings Registry.
  4. Claim your prize! If you reach $1,000 in the 60 day window we'll give you $100 to use towards your college savings or to pay for your birthday party. Click here to claim your prize.
Click here for more info on the program!

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