Save $10 on any GradSave College Savings Gift Card!

Head over to GradSave to save $10 on any gift card purchase! Gift cards are available in quite a few different amounts, from $25 all the way to $500. You can send yourself one for your child, or to a friend or family member via email or Facebook. Whatever amount you buy, $10 will be taken off of your total at checkout!

Not familiar with GradSave? In a nutshell, they simplify the process of saving for college as much as possible by allowing you and your entire family and circle of friends to easily contribute to the savings fund online.

For example, you can post on Facebook or send an email saying something like, "April's birthday is next week! If you can't make it to her party or don't know what to get her, you can easily contribute to her college savings fund by clicking here: ......" with a link to your GradSave account.

Click here for more info!

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