Think You Don't Need Kid Name Labels? I Didn't Either Until....

Children lose things all the time! With the first day of school fast approaching, it's only a matter of time before your little one leaves his or her lunch box or umbrella in the classroom or bus. If something is forgotten at school, chances are, it will go to the lost and found and will make its way home. But what about when their favorite stuffed animal gets left in the cart at the grocery store, or if you (yes, moms can forget too!) leave the diaper bag in the restroom at the zoo. When those "oops" happen, chances are once it's gone, it's gone!

Kids labels are something that I never thought I would need until my daughter left her Nintendo DS at a restaurant. I didn't even have to call (even though I did)....I knew it was gone. She's lost many things over the years, but it a book or doll can easily be replaced. Ever since that happened, I've put labels on just about everything she owns!

Using labels as school name tags will probably be the main reason most parents use labels for, but they can be used for a variety of reasons other than to help prevent the loss of items. For example, if you have several children in the home that use a bottle, just slap on a name sticker to differentiate who's is who's.

Do you have any lost item horror stories? Do you use name labels for other reasons? Feel free to comment below letting us know!

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