FREE Cell Phone Credit Card Reader!

You may be thinking, "Why would I need a credit card reader?" Well, there are quite a few reasons why having one of these devices on you is a good idea. Maybe you run a home-based business like Avon or participate in bake sales? Do you do frequent yard sales?

Let's say someone happens upon your yard sale or wants to buy some makeup, but they don't have any cash on them, only a credit card. (this has happened to me tons of times and I've missed out on lots of great deals!) Just whip out your credit card reader from your pocket or purse, connect it to your cell phone, and voila! You can now accept their credit card as payment!

PayAnywhere doesn't require you to process a minimum amount each month and there are no hidden fees: setup, monthly or cancellation fees. No surprises. And they will send you a credit card reader for free!

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