PriceBlink: Automatically Find Lower Prices & Coupons While You Shop! {Review}

PriceBlink is a non-invasive browser add-on that notifies you of coupons available for the retailer your shopping on or if a specific product is available for cheaper on a different retailer's site. Many sites have exclusive coupons through PriceBlink, saving you even more!

PriceBlink is a completely free add-on available for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. There is also a free iPad app for on-the-go shopping.

Here are a few quick, notable features:
  • It searches over 4,000 online stores for lower prices while you shop
  • It works quietly in the background and only appears when it can save you money
  • If there are any active coupon codes for the site you're shopping on (such as free shipping), PriceBlink will let you know what they are.
  • It is completely safe/secure and does not collect any personal information
  • Save time as well as money
Check out the video below for a quick explanation of how PriceBlink works:

I downloaded the add-on for Firefox and absolutely love it! It installed in just a few seconds and I didn't even need to restart my browser to start using it. It is extremely unobtrusive and really only appears when I am on store sites. When it does show, it's a long, thin bar that shows across the top of the webpage. No tacky popups or huge boxes. If for some reason I'm not interested in seeing if there are cheaper options elsewhere, I can simply click the "X" on the far side of the bar and it disappears.

I headed to Amazon to test it out. I really liked the fact that it only appeared when I was on an actual product page, and not Amazon itself. As a quick example, I checked out the New Super Mario Bros Wii game. It costs $47.39 on Amazon, but the add-on let me know that I could get it for $35.90 with free shipping at eBay! On the flip-side, I did a price comparison for an Evenflo booster seat. It cost $39 with free shipping on Amazon, and the add-on notified me the the next cheaper price found was $59.99 plus $4.95 shipping on So, I quickly knew that I was getting the best possible price!

You are shown only one lower/higher price on the actual add-on, but there is a pull-down menu to use that shows you many other price options. In my case, for the example I gave above for the "lower price found on eBay", this was a great feature. A few years ago I got scammed on eBay and haven't shopped on it since. I clicked the drop-down menu and found that I could also get the game cheaper on, a site that I am comfortable shopping from.

You'll also find a review feature on the add-on bar. You can easily read reviews for the product you've got your eye on from several different sites without losing the page you originally found the product on. There is also a handy "Wish List" you can use. This is great because you can add products to it that you find from any site. I have so many wish lists out there it's crazy, so it's nice to be able to add everything to ONE list!

If you like to save money, I highly recommend checking out PriceBlink. I will definitely be using it for personal use, but also for work...I do run a deal blog after all!

I'm not the only one who thinks PriceBlink is an awesome add-on. It was awarded the Best Overall Add-on by (with a whopping 75% of votes!), Lifehacker lists it as one of their Top 10 Must-Have Browser Extensions, and it has been featured on The Kim Komando Show. Not to mention, it has a 5/5 star user review rating for Firefox.

You can click here to read more information and to download PriceBlink!

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