Pay $14.99 for $30 Worth of Handmade Brownies, Cookies & More!

UPDATE: They added a new tasty deal along with the brownie deal! Search for "fudge" to find a deal that will get you $30 worth of Sweet Surrender homemade fudge for $15.

Yummy! Head over to Half Off Depot to score a voucher good for $30 worth of Ruth's Brownie Kitchen's brownies, cookies, biscotti and more for only $14.99!

From the site:
Every mouth-watering batch is handcrafted and baked to order using only the freshest ingredients. And within hours of being removed from the oven, they’re shipped out and on their way to you. All orders also come in bright, elegant packaging, making for the perfect gift that you can say you wrapped (and baked) yourself.

Click here for more info! (if you have trouble finding this deal, just search for "Brownies" in the search bar)

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