Loved or Snubbed: How a Mother’s Care Can Make or Break Their College Student {Infographic}

 mygofer created a great infographic that creatively shows how college students spend their time and money, along with several fun facts. Just because a child has gone away to college, it doesn't mean they don't need a parent's support. In fact, they need it just as much, if not more. is an online shopping site that has “virtual aisles” filled with everything college students need and makes it easy for them (or Mom!), to get anything from pet supplies to laundry and cleaning products. They even offer grocery delivery with fresh product and meats!

What makes mygofer different is that after an order is place, the items are handpicked from local stores and then picked up or delivered to the customer within a few hours. If you need an order now, you can quickly pick it up at your local Kmart store for free. You don't even need to leave the car, just drive to the curbside pickup location and they will bring the order to your car!

Forget the hassle of running errands (long lines, no parking, etc) and let mygofer make it an easy task with their unique features like having your own personal shopper and scheduled orders. They also offer a number of ways to save money with their Shop Your Way Rewards, refer a friend, savings center, and GoPass!

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