3 Tips to Save Money When Shopping Online

I'm a couponer, and if you visit my blog regularly, than I'm sure you are too. We know we can score some amazing deals, even freebies, in-store using coupons. But we also know that we can't use coupons on everything unfortunately! I do a lot of online shopping for everyday items and big purchases alike. Just because I'm not at the store though, doesn't mean I forget my "need to save" lifestyle! There are plenty of ways you can save money when shopping online.

Here are my top 3 tips
  1. Check out daily deal sites: I honestly have a folder in my bookmarks dedicated to daily deal sites that I faithfully check every morning when I wake up. Maybe I have a little obsession, but I LOVE these types of sites! I can't tell you how much I've saved this year alone by shopping deal sites. With each deal being at least 50% off at, it's added up to quite a bit. I've also found some lots of great businesses and products that I otherwise wouldn't have even known existed.
  2. Check Facebook and Twitter: Almost all stores and sites have Facebook and Twitter accounts. A lot of companies will release discount codes and coupons exclusive to their followers. One great example is Old Navy; they very frequently post coupons on their Facebook page. These often go viral thanks so deal blogs and can quickly be discovered, but even local stores like to reward their followers, so make sure you bookmark their social media sites so you never miss one!
  3. Search online for promo/coupon codes: Another one of my favorite ways to save online is the use of promo codes. At any given time, there are 1000s of codes that you can use to save % off, score free shipping, get free items with purchase, etc that you can enter in that lovely little box at checkout. You can easily find these codes by using a site like PromotionCode.org. Simply type in the name of the online store you plan on shopping at and you will immediately be shown all the codes that are currently available to use! There's a nifty "Success Rate" feature that lets you know if a code is still valid so you don't waste time entering a code only to find out it has expired.

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