Does Your Site Have Dead Links? Dr. Link Check Will Find Them for You (for free!)

I just discovered this free website app and I think every blogger or website owner should check it out as well. It's called Dr. Link Check and it will check your site for any broken and blacklisted links you may have for free!

I come across articles that have dead links in them all the time and it can be a little (okay, very) frustrating when I can't access a link for more information. I try to keep my links good and remove broken ones as soon as I find them, but I just can't check links...that would take forever!

Dr. Link Check works by crawling your entire website and then downloading and checking all internal links it can find. If any broken (404 pages) or blacklisted links are found, they will be shown to you. Simply click on the link given and you can fix it in a matter of seconds.

So, why should you worry about bad links? Well, there's several reasons:
  • They affect your search engine ranking
  • They indicate that your website has been hacked or spammed
  • They can harm your reputation with customers or readers
I used the app and in less than a minute, it had finished scanning my links. It found only two bad links, which I quickly fixed. I decided to enter in a few other blog URLs to see their results and was shocked to see that most of them had 25-50 broken links!

You can use the app to check the first 1,000 links it finds on your site for free. However, you can scan up to 5,000 links for a fee of $10. If your blog has been around for a while, I would imagine this would be a good investment to make sure your blog is up to date. Even if those links are in 2-year-old posts, I'm sure they're still getting hits on them. Having good links increases the chances of that visitor returning to your site!

You can check your site's links in one, simple step. Click here to get started!

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Melissa Say What? said...

For those on Wordpress, I recommend the Broken Link Checker Plugin.

I'm on WP, but I'm still going to check this out! Thanks for sharing. It sounds like it might have a few more features.