Best Places to Buy Your Phones From {Guest Post}

With smart phone technology fast rising, tens of new smart phone models are being released every couple of months. And with older smart phone technology and hardware being easily outdated, most people would change a new cell phone for every two years. And if you are one of these people, it would do you good to know the best places to buy your smart phone. And if you are exactly looking for this, you are on the right page as this is the primary goal of this post.

Manufacturer's Store
If you are planning on buying a vanilla phone (or a phone that is not locked to any network), going to the manufacturer's own or accredited retail stores is one of the best choice. In terms of the price, you will get it at the suggested retail price or slightly higher. You will see a lot of lower offers on third-party stores but going for the official shop has perks that are worthy of your extra bucks. First, you are guaranteed that what you will be getting is brand new, original and untampered. Second, you will be getting a warranty that is longer and more reliable than what is given on third party stores.

Network provider
Another great option is to get your phone from a network provider. You will be getting the phone at a subsidized cost for so low, that it is often for free when you subscribe to a plan. Only the most expensive of phones like the iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S III and so on require payment. The catch is that you will be bound by a two-year contract that requires high maintenance. Nevertheless, you will be getting extra security as aside from the warranty that the manufacturer gives, you will also get a warranty from the network provider. Some even allow you to change into a new phone model after 10 months of subscription. You are also ensured of original and untampered phones. And in addition to this, you will get extra apps for free pre-installed by the network carrier. Be careful though, such apps cannot be uninstalled.

Perhaps the best place to purchase the phone is at the comfort of your own home. if you have an internet connection, I strongly suggest making your purchase online (but only either from the manufacturer's official site or the network provider's site of your choice). Purchasing online has the most perks without having to suffer extra costs. First, you are certain to get the best prices for a certain product as no retail store interest applies. Second, you will not have to waste gas or fares just to get to the mall, you will not have to pay for the shipping in most cases even. And if you will be getting it from the network provider online, you can use promo codes and deals that will surely prove that this option is the best way to get your hands on some cheap cell phones.

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