Cheap Decorating Idea: Framed Posters!

I love wall art, but I just can't afford the hundreds (or more!) of dollars to get really nice prints. I've found that posters are a wonderful alternative...and cheap! You can find really beautiful posters at just about any store (Walmart, Target, etc) and they only cost a few bucks. Most of you are probably thinking that decorating your home with posters on the wall is tacky and it can't possibly look like art, but all you have to do is frame that baby and voila, looks like art to me!

A great site to find all your poster framing needs is When you buy from them, you are buying from the manufacturer, which cuts out the middleman. The frames are very reasonably priced, as well as their shipping costs. What I really like about this site is that you can get completely custom frames. In just a few, easy steps, you can have a frame that is a perfect match for your poster and something that goes well with the rest of your decor. You'll be able to pick a frame color and style, lens cover and backing. Every order includes a frame hardware kit that has everything you need to hang it in it's new home. I also like the fact that all frames are made by hand and with 100% American made materials.

The frames come in all sizes big and small, so you can also order frames for photos, documents, records and more. Another great, cheap decorating idea would be to frame the photos you find in calendars and puzzles. My daughter loves puzzles and we just put some puzzle glue on it and frame it...instant art!

Does anyone else decorate their home this way? I'd love to know!

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