$13 for 2 FunBites Food Cutters! (+ a few $10 off codes up for grabs!)

Head over to Plum District to score 2 FunBites food cutters for only $13. This is a $26 value! I've heard many great things about these and am excited to try them out myself!

From the site:
These high performance curved blade cutters quickly create small bites and come with a matching popper top that pops out food instantly, so hands are clean and food is untouched. They're also 100% Made In The USA, dishwasher safe, and BPA Free.

For anyone who is interested in this deal, I have a few $10 off codes that can be used with it. This means you'll get two for only $3.00! If you'd like a code, email me at aeris321@gmail.com with Plum Code in the subject and I'll send your code over asap!

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