As low as $2 for 6 Clear Bra Straps & 70 Strips of Fashion Tape + Free Shipping!

Today at Tippr you can get 6 clear bra straps and 70 strips of fashion tape for as low as $2 shipped!

The deal is on sale for $7, but new Tippr shoppers get $5 in credit, making it only $2.00!

From the site:
These handy Strap Happy clips are perfect for securing your bra straps and providing you with some extra lift. Each is made of clear plastic so it's less noticeable and can stay hidden no matter what bra or outfit you wear. Simply loop your bra straps through the clip and adjust it up or down to find the perfect fit. Plus, you get 70 strips of Flawless Fashion Tape to keep revealing necklines, blouse gaps, strapless tops, and wrap skirts in place to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions. The tape also works great for securing scarves and other accessories as well as fixing hems.

Click here for more info and to get your credit!

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