3 Great Cashback/Reward Credit Cards

These days, credit cards can either get you into trouble, or get you out of it. If you can use a credit card responsibly, they can be quite handy for emergencies and "treats" alike. A lot of cards also include nice perks and bonuses, and I would suggest not getting a card that doesn't have any of these extras. Why get a regular card when you can get cashback?!

Here's a few great Discover® cards that offer nice rewards. (Click on the name of the card for more info and to apply)

All 3 of these cards feature:
  • $0 Annual Fee
  • 0% Intro Purchase APR for 15 months and then 10.99%–19.99%
  • 0% Intro Balance Transfer APR for 15 months and then 10.99%–19.99%
  • 5% to 20% Cashback Bonus® through Discover's exclusive online shopping mall
  • Up to 1% Unlimited Cashback Bonus® on other purchases, automatically
  • Rewards in the form of gift cards, merchandise, charity and more
Discover® More® card: Cash rewards on every purchase and lots of ways to earn rewards faster.
  • 5% Cashback Bonus® in categories like gas, restaurants, department stores and more
  • Choose from over 100 designs
Discover® Open Road® card: Double cash rewards on your gas and dining purchases, plus rewards on every purchase you make. 
  • Double Cashback Bonus® at any gas station and any restaurant
Discover® MotivaSM card: Cash rewards for paying on time and every purchase you make.
  • 5% of your interest charges as a Cashback Bonus® automatically each month you make an on-time payment.
More information on all cards can be found by clicking on the name of the card and scrolling down to the "Important Information" box.

If you need help rebuilding or establishing credit, I suggest checking out the Fingerhut Credit Card. It has easy approval, payments as low as $5.99 a month and it reports to major credit bureaus to improve your rating. Click here for more info on this card.

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