YOU Could Be the Official Face of e.l.f. + Win Makeup for Life & More!

e.l.f. is looking for a new "official face" for their line of cosmetics. You may be asking yourself, "Why should I care?" Well, because that face could be yours! That's right, e.l.f. is looking for people like me and you to enter their makeup model search for a chance to win a fabulous prize package! Think you don't have a chance? You actually have a pretty decent chance since they're looking for ladies of all ages, from teens up to 40+.

Four finalists from four different age groups will be judged on several different factors, not solely on good looks. Those four lucky ladies will win a trip to NYC for a makeover and photoshoot. The shoot photos will be judged on-set, and based upon overall performance, one model will be chosen to win the amazing grand prize!

The grand prize is a package that has all kinds of goodies:
  • Become the official Face of e.l.f. 2012
  • Features on, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube
  • Personalized Beauty Kit
  • Makeup for Life ($250 value)
  • $1000 Amex Gift Card
After you enter model search contest, make sure you enter the Fan Favorite contest. This is a contest that truly, anyone can win! To win this one, all you have to do is finish the contest with the highest number of internet votes. The great thing is that you can constantly see what place you're in and get other up-to-the-minute news regarding the contest. The winner will win enough e.l.f. makeup for life!

If you'd like to enter, I would highly suggest checking out e.l.f.'s large selection of bestselling makeup. You'll find everything you need to get a picture perfect face, at a perfect price. You can choose from eyeshadow, primer, makeup brushes, lip color, blemish kits and much more. The best part....prices start at just $1.00!

I already entered and sent in my photos! Will you be entering?!

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