As low as $5 for $40 Worth of Handmade, Half Pound Cookies!

UPDATE: They just changed the signup reward to 20% off first order instead of $15 off :(

Here's another great deal you can get if you're a first-time Gilt City shopper! This one will let you get $40 worth of handmade cookies from Carol's Cookies for as low as $5! Each cookie weighs almost half a pound!

The deal is on sale for $20, but new Gilt City members get $15 off their first order, dropping it to just $5.

NOTE: The $15 will come off at checkout, it doesn't show in your credits.

Shipping isn't included and runs around $11-$15, but if you only buy $30 in cookies you can use the other $10 towards shipping costs.

Click here to get it! (You can find this deal under Washington, DC).


MNOld Lady said...

Hi. Tried to take advantage of the Gilt City promo. But when I got to place order I received only a 20% discount even though I am a newbie to them.

Kristen said...

I must've updated the post right after you signed up...they changed it :( I'm guessing they did because they were getting SO many new signups and practically giving the stuff away.

I'm sorry you missed it :(