FREE Water Bottles, Yoga Mats + More at HomeSav!

UPDATE: $10 code no longer working, BUT new users still get $10 credit! There's frequently items on sale for $10 or less, so free after credit! (Shipping is $7.95, but credit can be used towards it!) Click here to get the credit.

NOTE: After testing myself, it seems you need to spend at least $1.00 after using the code and credit. It appears that if you check out with a Total of $0, it will keep looping back to the checkout screen and won't let you enter shipping information. So, just order at least $12.05 worth of merchandise and you're good to go. But even with that, this is still an awesome deal!

WOW! You can get up to $20 worth of products for FREE at HomeSav right now!

Everyone can take $10 off their order using code JAN10 at checkout. But, if you create a new account you'll get $10 in credit which you can use with the promo code!

For example, the yoga mat pictured above. They cost $15 + $7.95 for shipping. Using the code and new account credit, you can get them for just $2.95 shipped!

The code is valid until 1/31, so if there's nothing you like today, check HomeSav everyday for their new sales!

Click here to visit the site!


Anonymous said...

It's not taking the JAN10 code?

Kristen said...

Yea, they pulled it already :( HomeSav said it "reached its limit" sooner than expected!

Sorry :(

missedgy said...

Darn it! I needed a yoga mat! It wouldn't work for me either.