As low as $11 for 2 Produce Preserving BluApples + 1-year Refill Kit! Save Your Food & Money!

Head over to EverSave and you can get 2 produce preserving BluApples and a 12-month refill kit for as low as $11!

The deal is on sale for $12, but new Eversave members will get a $1 credit, making it just $11. You'll be able to redeem your code immediately after purchase, so no waiting around for a voucher!

Save Highlights:
  • 40% off BluApple's revolutionary produce-preserving starter kit
  • Absorbs and removes ethylene gas that causes food to spoil
  • Keeps produce up to three times longer - save money and minimize wasted food
  • Works in refrigerators, produce bins and storage containers
  • Includes 12 months' worth of refills
I found this product on Amazon selling for $9.95, but it doesn't include the refills, which cost $9.95 too. It only has 3 reviews, but all 3 are 5-star reviews. Sounds like a pretty nifty thing to help preserve food, which will in turn help save money! Click here to check out the reviews and get more info.

Click here for more info!

NOTE: Shipping is an additional $3.95.

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