$0.98 Walgreen's Trip, Retail = $19.96!

I just got back from Walgreen's and wanted to breakdown my trip. This could easily be done by others!

Each item I bought was originally $4.99 each.

  • 2 Clearasil Daily Face Washes: $2.99 each on sale
  • L'oreal Color Vive Hi-Gloss Conditioner: $1.29 on clearance
  • L'oreal Studio Line Silky Curls: $1.29 on clearance
Subtotal: $0.98
Tax: $0.46
Total Cost: $1.44!!

Just a heads up that only a few Clearasil products had sale tags on them, but all of them were ringing up $2 off regular price. Also, I stopped at another Wag's on the way home (only a mile away) and saw that their Clearasil items were $0.50 more than the first store, so your prices may vary.

So in closing, the Clearasil deal is one that anybody should be able to do and hopefully your store has some L'oreal products left! If that's the case, then Happy Saving!


Stacey Bowren said...

Question - you purchased 4 items but used 5 coupons...doesn't walgreens have a policy that the number of coupons has to match the number of items? I'm a little confused. Thanks!

Kristen said...

Hi Stacey. I answered this on the FB page, but I'll say it here too in case anyone else was wondering.

That rule is for manufacturer Qs to items bought. So, since a few of the coupons were Wag's store Qs, it went off without a hitch :)