Getting Freebies for Mom and Baby: A Guest Post

Getting Freebies for Mom and Baby

It took nine long months of discomfort mixed with joy waiting for your baby to arrive. Once the little darling was safely ensconced at home, you were sure that the crisis was over; the worst part had been passed through successfully; and the future would be much simpler by comparison. Many women have made that same mistake. Now, you must successfully raise the child. Time and energy spent is not the problem. It is in fact part of the joy of motherhood. The difficult part will be the ongoing expenses for the things required to raise a child: a crib, nursery furniture, baby clothes, bottles, sterilizers, diapers, and formula – the list seems endless. The requirements change year after year, becoming more expensive as time goes on; but, there are some items that an inquisitive mother can get at no cost.


Most magazines that target mothers-to-be and new mothers are available monthly or quarterly at no cost. Why are they free? Although they are filled with useful articles about tips on effective parenting, child care, safety issues, childhood medical issues, and helpful products recommended for babies, their main purpose is to promote advertising for various manufacturers and suppliers of products for mothers and babies. Most mothers find these free magazines, such as American Baby, Parents, and the popular periodical “Baby Talk,” to be most helpful with new and proven ideas. Sign up is easy. You usually get an application form without asking, shortly after the baby is born.

Unsolicited Freebies

Free samples are a welcome source for new and useful products. Many arrive unsolicited by mail, shortly after the baby arrives home from the hospital. There are also websites that offer you an opportunity to request samples. One such website is called Babies Online. To use this site most effectively, you join at the beginning of your pregnancy and create a website about your pregnancy. The site will display timely information about what is happening at particular appropriate points in your pregnancy, and will present helpful articles about nutrition for you and your baby. Best of all, the site will offer free samples of diapers, formula, baby foods, and other such items. All you have to do is register to participate.

Formula and Baby Food

Manufactures of baby formula and baby foods are quick to offer free samples to the mother of a new baby. Soon after the baby is born, you’ll begin to receive mailings with free samples of formula and baby foods. These are from well known and respected companies like Nestle, Gerber, and Beech Nut. Nestle; in fact, will send you a kit that includes a baby blanket, a DVD, a CD and some important money saving coupons. They will continue to send coupons for products that are age appropriate as the baby grows.

Great Information from Hospitals and Doctor’s Offices

Whenever you take your child in for a checkup at the pediatrician’s office, check the counter for brochures from the manufacturer’s of baby foods and other useful baby items. Often they’ll include free samples and cents-off coupons. Check out your local hospitals as well. Most have classes or sponsor clubs of new mothers. Some clubs are general in nature, while other focus upon specific topics such as breast feeding. Membership is these clubs offers new mothers the opportunity to learn from the experience of others. Members share information about product offerings and helpful magazine articles, as well a reliable sources for more freebies. Manufacturers target such hospitals and clubs with helpful advertising as well as free samples and money saving coupons.

A Penny Saved …

Be sure to take advantage of these offerings. Especially with direct mail advertising, we tend to simply throw them out. Don’t do this with the baby related mailings. It is possible to save a considerable amount by using some of the samples and money saving coupons that are offered. And most of the items are delivered right to your door!

About the Author:
Christine Allen, a baby product hunter works for Livesnet, a site devoted to helping people find the perfect baby gears and offer helpful tips on dealing with the lovely but sometimes crazy little monsters. She loves to write about her hunting experience and give advice to new mommy hunters. So if you need any help, please go for Livesnet and do remember to check her most proud trophy - Davinci Kalani 4 in 1 crib.

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