As low as $8.50 for $30 Worth of Reusable Sandwich & Snacks Bags = Up to 4 Bags!

Right now at Plum District, you can get $30 to spend on reusable sandwich and snack bags for as low as $8.50! I checked out the prices...large bags are $9 and smaller ones are $7, so you could get up to 4 bags with your credit!

From the site:
The average family goes through approximately 10 plastic bags per day between school and work lunches. That's a lot of baggies a year when you add it all up! ReUsies is working on a solution to help make the world a greener place by reducing the amount of plastic bags being used one day at a time.

There are tons of cute designs to choose from which would be perfect for your little ones to bring to school. Designs are suitable for boys and girls, and there's also plenty of "grown-up" bags to choose from as well!

The $30 credit vouchers are being sold for $15, but use the code FABULOUS to take 10% off, making it $13.50. To save the most, you'll have to be a new Plum District member, which gives you an instant $5 credit (must use links in this post), allowing you to get $30 worth of great products for only $8.50!

Click here for more info!

NOTE: Shipping is not included. I placed an order and it came to $5.21 for me.

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Christine @ Why We Love Green said...

There are also coupon codes available for 10% off right now. I loved this deal as well and posted about it too! :-)