As low as $10 for $50 Credit to + FREE Shipping = CHEAP Organic Food, Baby Products, Home Goods & More!


For a very limited time at Plum District, you can get $50 credit to for as low as $10.00!

The $50 credit code is on sale for $25.00. Use the code sunday40 at checkout to take 40% off to make it $15. To save even more money, new Plum District members get an instant $5 credit (must use links in this post), making the deal only $10.00! You'll also get free shipping with the deal!

Abe's Market specializes in organic and all-natural products. You'll find everything from bath and body products, herbal supplements, natural cosmetics, healthy snacks, and gluten-free spices to organic baby clothes, sustainable housewares, natural bedding, and natural pet care.

Also, you can save 10% on any products just by adding it to your cart and then emailing 3 people letting them know what you just bought from Abe's Market! 

I was given a case of Peter Rabbit Organic baby food pouches, and my son LOVED them! We ran out of them last week so I went to go get him some more...I was shocked to see how expensive just one pouch was! I was so happy to see that Abe's has the same exact product. So, that's what I plan using my credit on!

Click here for more info! (you can find the deal under the "Everywhere" tab)

NOTE: Their site is running extremely slow due to the crazy traffic. Abe's stated on their FB page their tech team is working on it!

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