GONE! 500 Sheets of Printing Paper for $0.49 Shipped?! HURRY!

Gone already!

Now, this may be a pricing error, but what's the worst that can happen other than getting an "Order has been cancelled" email!

Office Depot is selling reams of 500 sheets of 35% recycled paper for just $0.49 each with free shipping! Needless to say this is an amazing price, and it will probably sell out fast! This is great for all us couponers!

Click here to get yours!

NOTE: Understandably, the site is acting wonky and some people are having trouble ordering it. I've heard that some people are getting a "Sold Out" notice, some are able to get it just fine, some are getting an "Item not found" error....my order timed out but went through the second time. I just got my confirmation email so keep trying!

Thanks, Wheel N' Deal Mama!

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