3.4oz Nautica Blue For Men Eau de Toilette Spray: $15.43 w/ Free Shipping, Regularly $55.00!

Right now at Amazon, you can get a 3.4oz Nautica Blue for men Eau de Toilette spray for only $15.43 with free shipping. This is a great deal! I did a little price checking and this regularly costs $55, and the 1.7oz costs $24 at Walmart, and the same thing costs $46.99 at Target! This is by far the cheapest one I could find on a number of sites.

NOTE: You may have to look on Amazon's right sidebar for the store Beauty Storage to get this price.

The cologne features scents of peach, pineapple, jasmine, cedar, bergamot, musk, sandalwood and water lily. Whew...that's a lot! But boy, do they smell good together! I personally LOVE this cologne, so you bet I picked up a bottle for my guy. It's going to make a great gift for him!....and me ;)

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