25 FREE RecycleBank Points!

25 free RecycleBank points are up for grabs! To get them, log into your RecycleBank account then click here to watch the video. After the video, answer the question with Q-tips Cotton Swabs. Then you have to drag the paper roll, tissues and paper icons into the compost bin. After that, click Get Your Points and they're yours!

If you're not a member of RecycleBank, I HIGHLY suggest signing up! For doing short tasks like this, you get points which you can redeem for high-value coupons, online coupon codes, merchandise and much more!

A while back ago about how you can get Kashi Go Lean bars for free + get $0.74 overage using a coupon you get with your points. Click here to read that post.

Click here to sign up for RecycleBank


angie lilly said...

where are you supposed to click to watch the video? I did not see a link anywhere and when I went to their site and signed in, I didn't see anything there either. thanks!

Kristen said...

Oh my gosh, I am SO sorry Angie! I forgot to link it "here"!

Here's the link: https://s3.amazonaws.com/recyclebank/q-tips/LearnAndEarnQtipsModule/LearnAndEarnQtipsModule.swf

I hope you get this, and again, I apologize. I'm going to fix the post right now!

angie lilly said...

no worries at all!!!! the link worked perfectly and I got my points! Plus I learned something! I already compost and recycle like a mad woman, but I didn't know you could recycle q-tips or tissues for that matter! less trash for me! yippee! thanks SO much! xoxo