Survey Downline: Get Paid When Your Friends Take Surveys!

Survey Downline is another survey site, but the way you earn money from it is different than any other survey site. You still get paid for each survey you complete, BUT you can invite your friends and family into your "downline" so that whenever they complete a survey, you get paid for it. In fact, if your friends invite people, you'll even get paid from THEIR surveys!

Info from their site:
We offer a 3-tier referral program where you can tell your friends and family about our service and get paid every time they take a survey. We have many members who earn hundreds of dollars every month without taking a single survey!
  • Earn 35% for each survey you complete
  • Earn 10% for each survey completed by friends you referred
  • Earn 5% for each survey completed by friends your friends referred
So, if you know people who like to do surveys, just imagine how much you could earn!

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