Pillow Pets for $8.50, "Moving" Plant for $1.75 + MANY More Toys at Amazing Prices + 10% Off Code + Free Shipping!

Here's another awesome Totsy blowout sale! This one features TONS of toys...stuffed animals, puzzles, dolls, rocking toys and MUCH more! Prices are over 80% off!

Check out the prices on the pictures above...pillow pets for $8.50 and a "moving" Curious George plant for only $1.75!

Use the code BACK2SCHOOL to take 10% off your order, and if this is your first Totsy purchase, you'll get free shipping!

Click here to see the sale! (it's the "Toy Blowout" tab)


Misadventures in Motherhood said...

I had to laugh... I saw the "moving plant" and got all excited. I thought it was one of those solar dancing flowers that sits in the window and happily sways back and forth. They always make me smile. At one point we had three of them in the house... one in each bedroom, and they happily swayed all day, cheering everyone up. Then my daughter stepped on one, my son pulled the flower off another, and my daughter knocked over the third and broke it. No more dancing flowers. I can't find them in stores any more, so when I saw the moving plant I thought that's what it was. Oh well... the plant you have shown actually looks pretty interesting too!

Just had to tell you that little story... it made me laugh! Have a great weekend!

Smiles, Jenn @Misadventures in Motherhood

Kristen said...

LOL! I remember those things! I haven't seen one of them in a LOONG time!

Sorry to get your hopes up though...didn't know what else to call it! I did lol though, so thanks :)